C-CARE’s cGMP compliant manufacturing plant is well equipped, maintained and designed to offer flexibility and custom-production to meet special packaging, filling and volume requirements.  Our team of manufacturing specialists, engineers and trained and experienced staff maintain high-quality production standards throughout the process.

To accommodate record increase in product volume, we have recently added new filling lines and invested in new equipment to maximize efficiency and production output for our valued customers.

Our Capabilities

  • USP Water System
  • CIP / SIP Capable Equipment
  • Jacketed systems for optimal heating & cooling
  • Mixing & Homogenizing capability
  • Storage and processing area for Alcohol based products
  • Real Time processing software
  • Direct Raw Material additions
  • Vacuum Processing

Water System

  • Nine (three sets of three) De-ionized beds after the reverse osmosis process
  • Ultraviolet Sterilizer for TOC Reduction
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit
  • Continuously monitored with full system lockouts to prevent non-conforming production
  • 29 points of use sampled and tested daily
  • Regular Ozone system flushes performed to sanitize system

Hair Color

  • Liquids
  • Color Cremes
  • Color Mousse
  • Developer

Hair Care

  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Styling Products: Liquid Hair Sprays and Mists, Gels, Mousse, Lotions, Foams, Waxes, Pastes, Pomades

Skin Care

  • Cremes & Lotions
  • Scrubs
  • Bath, Oil & Shower Gel
  • Anti Aging Serums and Cremes
  • Liquid Soaps and Cleansers
  • Ointment and Balms
  • Lip Balms
  • Baby Care Products
  • Shaving Products

OTC & Specialty

  • SPF Formulas
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Anti-dandruff
  • Alcohol Products
  • Fragrances
  • Anhydrous Products
  • Highs Viscosity Products
  • Peroxide Products
  • Hot Fills


Our automated mixing systems feature stainless steel and cross – linked polyethylene fixed vessels, jacketed for optimum heating or cooling and are capable of vacuum processing.

Batch sizes within the primary systems range from 79 gallons (300 L)
to 2,100 gallons (8,000 L).

We have pilot tank capability to perform process feasibility on a small scale of 30 L (7 gallons)

Batch Storage

Prior to filling, bulk products are contained in storage vessels. Fixed piping systems connect the 8,000 kg of work in process storage vessels to the filling lines. All permanent tanks and piping have clean-in-place capabilities. Portable storage drums and totes constructed of either stainless steel or cross – linked polyethylene also offer a storage capacity range from 40 to 350 gallons (150 to 1,300 L).


Our multiple lines fill packaging sizes as small as 0.05 Oz (1.5 mL) to 1 gallon (3.78 L) .

  • Bottles, Tubes, Jars, Piston Cans, Droppers, Pumps, Sprays, etc.
  • Plastic or Glass Bottles
  • Plastic and Aluminum Tubes
  • Specialty Hand Filling
  • Nitrogen Blanket Filling
  • Hot Fill


Capping, Labeling, Coding, Leaflet Insertion, Carton Packaging, Shrink bundle and secondary packaging, Automated check-weighing of product, Puck system, Front / Back or Wrap Labeling, Ink Jet or Laser Coding, Kitting

Tech Services

Our Technology Services Team transfers, creates or optimizes your processes to our equipment in order to achieve maximum efficiency.
Our Pilot Plant batches & line trials enable us to mitigate the risk in the scale up process for Zero batches (1st Production).

The Tech Team provides Quality Assurance & Packaging support throughout the product life cycle.

With the Process and Packaging Engineers on site, our customers receive technical input, evaluation as well as recommendations related to raw materials, formulas and product packaging.  Expert approach to your product results with a smooth product technical transfer, supports cost savings initiative and produces the best specs and production parameters to be applied to each and every product being made with C-CARE facility.

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